antifa Stan Pulliam
Oregon governor hopeful and city of Sandy Mayor Stan Pulliam has a plan to end Antifa's terrorization of Portland, which includes tripling the size of the state's police force.

"The days of Antifa ruling the streets of Portland are about to end," Pulliam said in a statement.

Antifa militants attacked a group of Republican volunteers in Portland at a rally for Pulliam on Saturday.

On Saturday, Antifa militants launched projectiles, including mortar type fireworks, at the crowd consisting of children and elderly participants. They also used noisemakers to drown out the group and disrupt their freedom of speech.

"Yesterday a group of Oregonians attempted what used to be free speech — showing up to a peaceful campaign rally in Portland," Pulliam said. "The fact that this was not possible is a sign of the slow decay that has taken hold of our state and once beautiful city of Portland."

"For the past four years, I have been talking about the need for real leadership to end the violence on our streets. Today I am issuing my plan to end Antifa's control of Portland for good."

In his statement, Pulliam said his administration would:
  • Triple the size of Oregon's police force — restoring it to its former strength
  • Deputize a portion of the Oregon's State Police as US Marshals to charge Antifa and other violent criminals with violent crimes
  • Deploy the National Guard to stop riots, which have plagued the city in recent years
  • Use all resources to identify those that have been terrorizing Portland and bring them to justice
  • "Defund Antifa by stopping all state public and public rental assistance to anyone convicted of rioting on the streets"
  • Launch investigations into public servants who have been covering for and ignoring the violence