You don't see a creature like this every day: A turtle was born with two heads and six legs at the New England Wildlife Center!

An animal hospital in Weymouth, Massachusetts recently took to Facebook to announce the birth of a rare turtle.

The two-headed and extra-legged creature was amusingly named Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, after the celebrity twins.

"It is a rare anomaly that can result from both genetic factors and environmental factors that affect the embryo during development," the wildlife center explained of the extra limbs and head.

Similar to conjoined human twins, these animals share some parts of their bodies, but not all of them.

The vets in charge of their care are pleased with the turtle's health, and they are said to be fairing extremely well.

"Animals with this rare condition don't always survive very long or live a good quality of life, but these two have given us reason to be optimistic," the center's post said.

For more than two weeks now, the special little turtle has been exploring the world.

"They have been in our care for just over two weeks and continue to be bright and active," the post continued. "They are eating, swimming, and gaining weight each day. It is impossible to get inside the heads of these two, but it appears that they work together to navigate their environment."

Interestingly, an examination revealed that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have two gastrointestinal tracts that feed both sides of their bodies. The center said its next step is a CT scan, so that more information can be gained about the other internal structures they may have in common.

"We are taking this case day-by-day and are working to learn as much as we can," the New England Wildlife Center wrote of the exciting addition to their family.