fire skyscraper
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More than 30 fire trucks have been called to a blaze at a high-rise building in the Chinese city of Dalian. No causalities have been reported, although footage appears to show the inferno engulfing the residential bloc.

On Friday, fire tore through a high-rise building in Dalian, northeastern China. Chinese media reports suggest there are no causalities and that there is no reason to believe that anyone is trapped inside.

At least 30 fire trucks and 100 firefighters are at the scene, according to media reports. The building's power and gas supplies have been turned off to aid rescue operations.

Images shared online suggest the Chinese authorities are yet to bring the blaze under control. Footage appears to show panels and other debris falling off the underside of the building.

One photo shows a firefighter in a precarious position on top of the building, attempting to extinguish the blaze.

A preliminary investigation, published in Chinese media seemingly before the fire has been extinguished, traces the source of the blaze to a single flat. The owner of the flat went to get help after something ignited, but on their return the apartment, it was found to be filled with dense smoke, at which point the authorities were called.

After the alert was raised, firefighters went floor to floor to check that nobody was injured or trapped. The Kaixuan International Building, which has a distinctive shape with a multi-story middle section connecting two tower blocs, reportedly houses 818 people in 419 flats.