Thousands of hectares have been devastated by forest fires over the weekend in Spain.

Above all, in the region of Catalonia, where the situation is critical. Dozens of people have had to be evicted due to the advance of the fire.

In the provinces of Barcelona and Tarragona, a fire is progressing uncontrollably leaving in its wake about 1,300 burned hectares, including part of a protected natural area, and crops, emergency services reported.

More than three hundred firefighters were deployed in the area with fifty water trucks and the support of fifteen tankers.

Forest fires also threaten southern Spain. Firefighters continue to work to control the flames in the municipality of Villarrasa, located in the province of Huelva, Andalusia.

Around 600 hectares have been lost in an area of ​​great importance to the local population.

"The damages are inestimable. It is the work of a lifetime. The entire farm field has been burned. Besides being our home, it was a very beloved place in the town, a very emblematic place," says Miguel Cervantes Monedero, a neighbor of Villarasa.

According to official data, until July 18, some 15,000 more hectares burned in Spain compared to the same period last year.

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