Blue Origin landing capsule
The billionaire's flight at least resulted in breaking two records - those of the oldest and the youngest person to have flown into space.

On 20 July, American billionaire Jeff Bezos embarked on a suborbital flight aboard the New Shepard launch vehicle built by Blue Origin, the company he founded more than two decades ago.

Three other crew members accompanied Bezos on this first human flight conducted by Blue Origin.

"Best day ever!" Bezos exclaimed when the capsule finally touched down.

Time and Distance

The flight lasted about 10 minutes, with the craft reaching an altitude of about 106km.

Astronauts' Age

The flight apparently set two new records related to the astronauts' age: Wally Funk, an 82-year old female aviator, became the oldest person to fly into space and another member of Bezos' crew, 18-year old Oliver Daemen, became the "youngest ever astronaut", according to AFP.

Amusement & Criticism Online

On social media, a number of users seemed eager to poke fun at the flight.

And there were also those who compared Bezos' endeavor with the accomplishments from half a century ago.