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Senator Rand Paul • Dr. Anthony Fauci
This interview clip speaks for itself, yet, of course, we can offer some comment. Senator Rand Paul has been in a verbal firefight with Dr Anthony Fauci for a long time, but this week the questions finally got to the matter of personal culpability for COVID, owing to the fact that Dr Fauci helped funnel US government funds to the Wuhan Virology Institute for "Gain of Function" research on coronaviruses. It is very likely that our not-so-beloved COVID-19 is one of those viruses developed by the lab.

It has many of the characteristics:
It is very tough, does not go away when the weather gets warm, it seems to threaten even those people who have received the vaccine, the vaccines themselves involve the use of technology that has never been tried before, especially not on the general population...
...and yet, Dr Fauci, who already is known for botching the American response to AIDS / HIV so many years ago, somehow manages to hold the "seat of power" regarding the American COVID-19 response, which has been utterly tragic to the country.

While the causes of the Great American Collapse stem from a loss in faith and obedience to God, something I have written about over and over, (ad nauseam for many of my readers, no doubt!), the "trigger" to make the Collapse start was fear of this chimeric virus. It is about three times as dangerous as influenza, and as a plague, it hardly fits the bill, but it still has killed over three million people around the world in the last eighteen months. It has divided America against itself, it has closed Churches and isolated millions of people in their homes, and it has sowed fear across billions of people who otherwise were undisturbed by life.

Someone caused this to happen. There is a good chance that Dr Anthony Fauci is at the center of this. Senator Rand Paul is gradually inching the narrative towards blowing this story wide open. Let us hope this progress continues. The nation may be depending on it.