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I've seen screenshots of YouTube modifying dislikes of White House videos. I decided I would do a thorough analysis myself. I wrote a script to check video stats every 80 seconds for 24 hours - for all videos on White House's YouTube channel.

The collected data is archived here and here. The format is space-separated "CSV", as follows:
code white house stats
© Zoe Phin
Here is a sample of the most egregious manipulation:

01/26/21: Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki and Domestic Policy Advisor Susan Rice:
dislikes removed jen psaki video
© Zoe Phin
President Biden Delivers Remarks Outlining his Racial Equity Agenda and Signs Executive Actions:
dislikes removed biden racial equity vid
© Zoe Phin
Vice President Harris will Ceremonially Swear in Dr. Janet Yellen as Secretary of the Treasury:
dislikes kamala swears in Yellen video
© Zoe Phin
President Biden Delivers Remarks on the Fight to Contain the COVID-19 Pandemic:
youtube dislike manipulation biden covid
© Zoe Phin
Vice President Harris and the Second Gentleman Receive the Second Dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine:
dislike manipulation biden executive order video
© Zoe Phin
Some videos were delisted in minutes!:
white house delisted youtube videos
© Zoe Phin
A partial sample of videos delisted by the White House YouTube channel
Likes+Dislikes was greater than views in some cases. Although that seems impossible, Youtube updates views slower, so they do not reflect real views at the time. For example:
likes and dislikes white house youtube channel
© Zoe Phin
Likes vs dislikes on White House YouTube channel videos
So it's possible for likes and dislikes to accumulate while views stays the same. Eventually, views jumps up to better reflect reality.

The record of every time dislikes were removed is archived at Pastebin.
grand total dislikes removed white house youtube channel
© Zoe Phin
130 Thousand dislikes were removed in a 24hr period!

And this is for the most popular US President of all time!

Enjoy — Zoe

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The timezone for the charts is UTC (London). Did you notice the huge drop at 06 hour (1 AM US Eastern)? Most working people go to sleep by that time. Coincidence? I think not.


This research was featured in a youtube video by Near Death Experiment. The quality is excellent. Unfortunately I did not track it in time to watch youtube remove the million likes it got!