One person died when lightning struck a kitchen hut 3 local social footballers had taken shelter from the rain in, in Mahusekwa, Newsday reports.

Villagers had to pull out the body of 19-year-old Ian Mashinge of Sadza village under Chief Nenguwo and rescue his colleagues from the burning hut before they were sent to Mahusekwa Hospital to be treated for burns.

The incident was confirmed by Mashonaland East provincial police spokesperson Inspector Tendai Mwanza when he said:
On December 10, at around 6pm, the deceased was playing soccer with his friends aged 21 and 31 at an open space in Kundishora village. It started raining and the trio took refuge in a kitchen hut. It is reported that the hut was struck by a bolt of lightning, caught fire and Ian Mashinge got burnt in the process. The other two escaped unhurt. Some villagers tried to rescue Mashinge but their efforts were in vain
Lighting also struck a group of 4 people and left one dead in Chiredzi who were walking when it started raining.