Adam Skelly Adamson BBQ lockdown canada ontario
© REUTERS/Carlos Osorio
Adam Skelly defied extreme lockdown measures in Etobicoke to open his restaurant for business
Adamson Barbecue owner Adam Skelly has been arrested after opening his restaurant in direct defiance of lockdown orders in Toronto, with a crowd of BBQ lovers shouting 'shame!' as officers dragged him away.

The barbecue restaurant and Skelly himself became the center of controversy this week after he announced in an Instagram video on Tuesday that he was opening his doors. He also questioned lockdown orders and whether Covid-19 cases were being inflated.

Skelly had served customers and intended to open again on Thursday, but police changed the locks to his building, according to local media. Supporters showed up outside the restaurant to protest against the move by police.

Despite the police presence, demonstrators banged on the door and demanded that it be opened. Skelly called a locksmith, but was taken away in handcuffs for defying health orders. He is currently facing nine non-criminal charges. He is due in court in March.

Skelly could be seen smiling as he was taken away by Toronto police. One individual even tried disrupting the arrest, as he grabbed at Skelly and cursed at the officers, but he was pushed away.

As he was taken away, protesters yelled things at officers like, "It's f**king Canada, not North Korea," and "Shame on you!"

City officials had previously inspected Skelly's restaurant and announced the charges he was facing.

Protesters have remained at the restaurant demonstrating against the police presence, and at least one person in addition to Skelly has been arrested. They are charged with assaulting a police officer. Skelly was arrested for obstruction.