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California governor caught ignoring his own mask and social distancing rules at private restaurant dinner with two high-level members of the California Medical Association
California Governor Gavin Newsom has issued a limited stay at home order and a curfew for the counties in the 'purple risk status tier' due to Covid-19, making up the majority of the state. The restrictions will last for a month.

"Non-essential work and gatherings must stop from 10pm-5am in counties in the purple tier. This will take effect at 10pm on Saturday and remain for 1 month," Newsom tweeted on Thursday.

"Together - we can flatten the curve again," he added.

Forty-one California counties, home to about 94 percent of the state's population, are currently in the purple zone, which indicates "widespread" risk from the virus.
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California has imposed some of the strictest Covid-19 restrictions as the virus came back to bite the country, including limiting household gathering and putting out travel advisories for upcoming Thanksgiving holidays.

However, Newsom, who has been a vocal advocate of the measure, found his back to the wall and apologized after it was reported that he attended a birthday party with people from more than three different households earlier this month in violation of his state's Covid-19 guidelines.

Adding insult to injury, it was later revealed that the party was held outdoors only partially, contrary to the initial claim from Newsom's spokesman, and that California Medical Association officials were present at the bash. Pictures from the event purported to show that some of the guests opted out of the mask-wearing rules as well.