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In its September 21 issue, the Journal of Theoretical Biology published a major peer-reviewed article on fine-tuning in biology that favorably discusses intelligent design.

The article explicitly cites work by Discovery Institute Fellows such as Stephen Meyer, Günter Bechly, Ann Gauger, Douglas Axe, and Robert J. Marks. The article is co-authored by Steinar Thorvaldsen and Ola Hössjer. Hössjer is a professor of mathematical statistics at Stockholm University who is favorable to intelligent design.

This is a big deal for the mainstreaming of ID.

The Journal of Theoretical Biology is a top peer-reviewed science journal. According to CiteScore, it is the 25th most cited journal in the area of general agriculture and biological sciences, and it is in the top 12 percent of all journals in that field.

The article by Thorvaldsen and Hössjer appeared online in June. But we didn't want to speak about it publicly until after its "official" publication date, because we knew that once Darwinists found out, they would try to have the article cancelled.
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Sure enough, after Darwinists discovered the article, they succeeded in obtaining a "disclaimer" from the journal's editors, who proclaimed their bias against ID. But the disclaimer actually made publication of the article all the more significant. It meant that the article survived peer-review and was accepted for publication despite the open hostility of the journal's top editors!
In November we hope to publish A Mousetrap for Darwin by biochemist Michael Behe, a book that will vindicate Behe's revolutionary ideas. Next spring HarperOne will publish Steve Meyer's Return of the God Hypothesis, a powerful book about scientific discoveries pointing to a personal Creator. In a few days, we plan to release The Fitness of Nature for Mankind, a video by geneticist Michael Denton about how nature is exquisitely fine-tuned for life like us.

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