Kisongo mud volcano
© YouTube/Chave Weather (screen capture)
"The phenomenon of the eruption of the Oro-oro Kesongo crater in Gabusan Village, Jati District, Blora, which spurted mud and gas, actually happened in 2013 ago.

Teguh Yudi Pristiyanto, Head of the ESDM Service for Central Java Province, South Kendeng, said that this phenomenon is referred to as a mud volcano.

"Mud Volcanoes is a phenomenon of liquid extrusion such as hydrocarbons and gases such as methane," Teguh Yudi said when contacted by , Thursday (27/08/2020).

Teguh said that currently the eruption at Oro-oro Kesongo had stopped. He said the point of eruption that occurred in 2013 was the same as that which occurred today. Previously it was reported that the first eruption of mud and gas was heard this morning at 05.30 WIB.

The head of the village of Gabusan, Parsidi, said there was a boom that made your ears ring when the incident occurred. As a result of the mud and gas bursts, four cattle herders around the site were poisoned.

The condition of the four people is now getting better. "Four residents, Marno, Sukimin, Kadis and Warino were suspected of being poisoned by gas and were rushed to the nearest Puskesmas," he said.

Not only that, as many as 19 buffaloes that were grazed around the site were reported missing when the incident occurred."