Waterspout Hits Cefalù, Sicily, Italy

Waterspout hits Cefalù, Sicily, Italy
From summertime flooding, to a dangerous derecho sweeping across the Midwest, this week has been a busy week of weather. But what weather events have been happening around the world?

We start our trip on the largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily. A waterspout whipped up sand and debris and sent beach-goers running as it pushed on shore. Thankfully, no one was injured.

Our week was full of waterspouts and tornadoes, and Canada was no different. We head to the province of Manitoba where a deadly tornado ripped through the countryside. Canadian officials rated this tornado an EF-2.

Our final tornado this week comes from the Inner Mongolia region of China. This storm ripped through a tourist site injuring at least 33 people and destroying 150 yurts.

Heavy rainfall proved to be problematic in the UK this week. The torrential rain caused devastating flooding and sparked a landslide that is believed to have derailed a passenger train in Scotland. Three people are reported dead after the derailing.

Let's end our trip in Australia where the eastern coast received more than 14 inches of rain. In New South Wales flooding forced evacuations...while windy conditions blasted the coast with sea foam.

Southern Australia's weather has also been...a little cuckoo. These kookaburras didn't seem to mind a blast of cold air from Antarctica that brought a rare snow to South Australia. The snow turned the red desert into a winter wonderland.