Comment: This was quietly reported in local US media last week. Together with the story about the Arkansas couple who were raided by S.W.A.T. and placed in ankle monitors and enforced house arrest, there appear to be 'trial attempts' afoot to see how far they can go with physically putting people into camps...

arkansas covid-19 quarantine
And this is being done by a REPUBLICAN-controlled state...
Arkansas National Guard medics are gearing up to help staff a quarantine isolation facility.

Thursday, the Arkansas Department of Health shared more info about its run and its purpose.

"We signed up to do this job and it's just everything that we've wanted to do," Arkansas National Guard Private First-Class Bailey Hile said.

Starting next week, 14 Arkansas National Guardsman will be assisting with the only quarantine isolation facility in the state.

"We have come in basically to assist the staff that is already there. We are providing patient care, we are providing meals to patients," Hile said.

They'll help with everything from supplying clothing and doing laundry to providing three meals a day and monitoring patients' health.

"We're just there, we're always ready to go. It's mainly just to help out with the community, just to help anywhere that we can in the state," Hile said.

Comment: Note the language: "Help, assist, provide, just there..."

The Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) said the facility was opened in an undisclosed location at the end of March as a way to help people who don't have options to isolate.

Comment: NOT an 'ad hoc' thing then.

"If they are homeless, we provide an opportunity to stay at the facility and do isolation during the quarantine period. Also, it's meant for people who are living in a multi-generational house setting," Dr. Appathurai Bala with ADH said.

There are 29 rooms in the facility and there are no costs to patients.

Comment: Free healthcare has arrived in the US of A.

It's not a hospital, but doctors and medics do monitor people's conditions to ensure they're healthy before returning to society.

"If they are individuals, we will put them in a private room. If they are family members, a couple of them, we would put them in one room. So, they all have their bathrooms and TV, and all the amenities they need," Dr. Bala said.

An ADH spokesperson said they've provided information to all state hospitals on the facility, as well as homeless shelters.