Shiigumen Sergius
© Sputnik / Pavel Lisitcin
A Russian priest who seized control of a convent, denies the existence of Covid-19, and criticized church leadership, has now called for Vladimir Putin to resign and transfer to him the position of Russian President.

Shiigumen Sergius, who was recently defrocked in response to his criticism of the Orthodox Church's coronavirus measures, appealed to Putin in a YouTube video published by his personal spokesman Vsevolod Moguchev. Sergius warned the president that he must resign his post and transfer it to him or face starting a "full-blown spiritual war."

"Be careful: there will be no blood, no maidan, no revolution," he said. "You have had a 20-year term to show who rules Russia. I have the power and the strength to declare to you, Mister President: give up your powers."

"Three days, and I'll restore order in Russia," he declared.

Sergius also directed criticism at the Russian Orthodox Church leader, Patriarch Kirill, and at Russia's chief rabbi Berel Lazar, explaining that their "days are numbered."

In June, the rogue cleric was banned from preaching, following his claims that coronavirus is a "pseudo-pandemic," and that the church's leadership was controlled by the "the atheistic authorities." During the height of Covid-19, Russian churches were closed to prevent the spread of infection. Sergius also claimed on many occasions that the pandemic was an excuse to microchip the public.

Before becoming a priest, Shiigumen Sergius was a policeman, and has also served 13 years in prison for murder.