10 May 2020 - "Very rare" May snowfall surprises residents of Ardahan.

Flaky snowfall imbued the center of the city with white.

Trees that were prepared to bloom in May were covered by so much snow that branches of some trees were broken.

Turkey News: Snow surprise in May. 09.05.2020

The snow falling in Erzurum in May turned the Palandöken Ski Center to white. The snow reached 5 cm at an elevation of 1890 meters and exceeded 10 cm in high sections. Municipal teams carried out snow removal in the hotels area.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the hotels and businesses in the Ski Center were closed, and Palandoken had silence.

The snow formed a layer on the vehicles. Citizens also opened their umbrellas.

Citizens were surprised by the snow in May and took pictures with their mobile phones.

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