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Despite Governor Andy Beshear ordering all Kentucky residents to stay at home to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, some in Louisville are reportedly refusing to self-quarantine.

As a response, Jefferson Circuit Court judge Angela Bisig is ordering ankle monitors for those who were exposed to the coronavirus but who won't stay at home.

CNN reports that Bisig ordered an individual identified as D.L. to wear a global positioning device for the next two weeks. D.L is reportedly living with someone who tested positive for the coronavirus, as well as someone who is a presumptive case.

About a week ago, D.L. was ordered to self-quarantine for 14 days, the amount of time it takes for an infected individual to exhibit symptoms of the coronavirus. Family members, however, said he leaves his home often.

Bisig ordered the state's Department of Corrections to place an ankle monitor on D.L., who will face criminal charges if they leave the house again.

CNN cites local outlet WDRB as reporting that other Louisville residents were ordered to don ankle monitors as well after they refused to self-isolate. These individuals were also reported as either having the coronavirus or being in contact with the coronavirus.

WDRB reports that Jefferson County has a judge on-call for these types of cases.

This concerning report comes after a group of young Kentucky residents reportedly threw a "coronavirus party" that resulted in at least one person catching the virus.