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After saying President Donald Trump needs to better listen to his medical advisors, Joe Biden proceeded to cough into his hand, prompting CNN host Jake Tapper to give him a lesson about germs.

Another day, another gaffe for presidential hopeful Biden, who has been doing his best to stay in the spotlight amid the coronavirus spread through television interviews where he's criticized the Trump administration and its response to the outbreak.

During an interview with CNN's Tapper where he revealed he has not been tested for the coronavirus because he has not displayed any symptoms, Biden coughed straight into his hand. A clearly shocked Tapper then gave the former vice president a lesson in spreading germs.

"You know, you're supposed to cough into your elbow," Tapper said, even going through the motion of putting his mouth to his elbow. The host does give Biden some credit, saying he learned to cough into his own elbow covering the Obama administration, which means Biden would have even less of a reason to not know how to cough without spreading germs.

Biden's excuse for coughing into his hand?

"Fortunately, I'm home alone, but that's okay," he says.

Comment: That is most likely a lie. Biden has a team that helps him set up these interviews. He doesn't even know how to stream online much less all the technological aspects of setting up a live interview. Biden has no problem lying right to everyone's faces as he's proved in the debates.

However, he later says Tapper is "right" when the host calls the move "kind of old school."

Like so many other Biden moments, coughing straight into his hand amidst a pandemic he believes is being handled poorly has swept fiercely across social media.

"It's like[Jake Tapper] is a 12-year-old boy talking to five-year-old[Joe Biden]," 'Justified' actor Nick Searcy tweeted about the moment.

"Tapper had to tell Biden to stop it and Biden dismisses it as not a big deal even though the CDC is telling everyone not to cough into their hands," Daily Wire reporter Ryan Saavedra added.

Others pointed to the irony of Biden coughing in the very same interview where he says he has no coronavirus symptoms, and is urging the president to listen more to medical experts.

And as for being "alone" at home, does Biden really have no staff with him making the remote connection to Tapper's show and lighting the room? He did it all by himself?