Storm Dennis

Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis have undoubtedly caused disruption and flooding across parts of the UK of late, but to blame them on "global warming" is painfully stupid and easily refuted...

The UK Met Office introduced a storm naming system in 2013 in order to simplify things for the public and media. A storm is named when it is deemed able to have a "substantial" impact on the UK or Ireland. The first substantial storm of any given season begins with the letter "A," and subsequent storms progress through the alphabet.

Dennis starts with a "D" — meaning it is the fourth named storm of the 2019/20 season.

Simple enough.

Proponents of AGW, however, have labelled both Ciara and Dennis the catastrophic results of climate change. But what they clearly haven't bothered to look-up are the named storms of previous years.

By this time in 2015/16, the storms had already reached the letter I, and in 2017/18 were at the letter G.

"It's just because we have had two named storms over a weekend which is when people want to go out and want to do things," said Net Weather forecaster Jo Farrow.

"That's perhaps meant people have noticed it more or been more affected by it."

According to Farrow, Atlantic storms ARE NOT happening more frequently than usual. And this view is backed-up by the king of the warm-mongers themselves, the UK Met Office — they too haven't been able to link storms to climate change: "The latest UK State of the Climate Report states that there are no compelling trends in storminess when considering maximum gust speeds over the last four decades. Due to the lack of any observed trends, there haven't been any studies so far which provide a link between changes in UK storminess and climate change."

If the largest climate and weather institution in the UK (the Met Office) can't even find a link between storms and global warming (when it receives funding to do so), then why all the screams-to-action and scaremongering from activist and the mainstream media?

Boredom, ignorance, and agendas are afoot:

The Met Office has managed to link warmer temperatures with increased rainfall, but that is also easily refuted by a) the fact that their own data reveals the UK is now cooling, with the past decade coming out cooler than the 2000s, and by b) the agency also admitting that "December 2015 was the wettest month in the UK series since 1910," posing the obvious question, why was it wetter in 1910?

Could the Sun hold the key, I wonder?

Looking at a historic solar cycles chart (below), the year 1910 falls at the beginning of the solar minimum of cycle 14, a cycle very similar to the one we're coming to the end of now, 24...

Solar cycles combined
...could historically low solar activity and the resulting influx of cloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays hold the key instead of our releasing/returning of wholly beneficial CO2 to the atmosphere where levels were once 7000ppm and life thrived? Could a meridional jet stream flow also be playing a crucial role?

These are questions mainstream institutions such as the Met Office are afraid/aren't allowed to ask.

Many probably already know the answers...

Global avg. temperatures are falling, with even the most warm-mongering of datasets confirming this.

Don't fall for bogus political agendas — our future is one of ever-descending COLD.

400 years sunspot observations