Daesh flagGaza
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Hamas is undertaking a "secret war" against Daesh and other terror groups in the Gaza Strip, Lebanese daily Al Akhbar has reported.

Hamas told the newspaper that it is confiscating weapons, including long-range rockets capable of hitting major cities in Israel. The "secret war" has been launched in response to the explosions that occurred in August at two Hamas police checkpoints in Gaza City, which left three policemen dead and three others injured.

The first attack resulted in the death of two police officers when a motorcycle exploded as it approached the Dahdouh checkpoint, west of Gaza City.

The second attack took place in the Sheikh Ajlin area, less than an hour later and killed another police officer. No group claimed responsibility for the attacks and the Hamas Interior Ministry declared a state of emergency throughout Gaza and put security forces on alert. Security officials later learnt that the attack was set by Daesh suicide bombers.

Since then, more than 30 individuals have been arrested with security services saying at least 12 were involved directly in the suicide attacks. They claim to have also captured four cells in Gaza that were planning to carry out attacks on the group's security forces and senior officials.

Daesh and other small hardline factions say there should be a stricter implementation of Islam and have been blamed by Hamas for a number of rocket attacks on Israel in recent months.