Ukrainian school
From September 2020 Russian-language schools in Ukraine will switch to teaching in the state language [Ukrainian - ed].

This was stated by the Minister of Education and Science Anna Novosad on the air of the "Pryamoy" TV channel.

"There are still Russian-language schools in Ukraine, however from September 2020 such schools switch to teaching in Ukrainian. For schools teaching in the languages of the minorities belonging to the languages of the European Union it is from September 2023. In fact, both of them must prepare for this transition," said Novosad.

However, according to her, in these schools, which will mainly study in the Ukrainian language, students will still be able to study their subject - "native language - in their native language".

The transition of schools teaching in the languages of ethnic minorities to Ukrainian is a provision of the law on education that was adopted in 2016.
Comment of Igor Guzhva:

"The new Minister of Education offered a reminder about the provision of the law that from September 1st 2020 all Russian-language schools switch to teaching in Ukrainian.

Nobody from the ruling team of 'Servant of the People' speaks about abolishing this norm.

They don't even speak about abolishing, or at least making significant updates to, the law on total Ukrainisation.

This is a question, by the way, of the 'Steinmeier formula' and the reintegration of Donbass. It is interesting to know if the norm on the Russian language from the law on special status will also be discarded in the process of the promised adjustments?"