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© Reuters / Fabrizio Bensch
The King of Jordan has come out harshly against any Israeli plans to annex new territory in the West Bank, predicting a "disaster" for what remains of the peace process with the Palestinians, and for a two-state solution.

Speaking at a press conference in Berlin on Tuesday following a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Jordan's King Abdullah II denounced recent Israeli threats to annex all existing settlements in the West Bank, among other provocative proposals from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"So these types of statements, I think, are a disaster to any attempt to move forward to the two-state solution," the King said, adding that Jordan looked at the situation with "tremendous concern" because "it does not bode well for trying to get Israelis and Palestinians together."

Chancellor Merkel also weighed in on the issue, knocking the Israeli PM's threats as "unhelpful."

Netanyahu's rhetoric on settlements, annexation and Palestinians in general has soared to the heights of bluster as Israel approaches its second general election this year, with the PM having failed to form a government after the first contest, held in April. While Netanyahu has been known to leverage hawkish promises and threats around election time, the PM appears to be upping the ante this time around, vowing not only to annex new territory if he wins, but to launch a war in Gaza and beyond as well.