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Iconic photo of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her BlackBerry
Recent reports that Russians and others hacked Hillary's emails are not unfounded. Per a review of Hillary's history with personal phones, she used at least six phones all of which were easily hacked.

Per an Intel expert, there are basic rules that everyone should abide by, especially any US politician or department head:
1. The moment your data is out of the SCIF (or if it never made it there), you can safely assume that it's being read by every decent intelligence organization in the world. HRC's emails were no exception. So, the moment her emails were placed on a private server everyone (including her IT team) were reading them.

2. Every decent intelligence agency has a whole department dedicated to senior US political figures like the Secretary of State, the FBI Director, etc. These teams can have dozens of individuals who on daily basis analyze everything the target does.

Like for example what restaurant they visited last night (then another team hacks into the restaurant's high resolution CCTV system, gets the video footage, and a different team does some lip reading).

Tracking someone like HRC would have quickly revealed that she was using a non-government issued phone. As a matter of fact, she was using six different phones. This meant that her voice/email/messaging had to be non-government based. Once that was known, intercepting the calls, messages, and emails of HRC becomes a trivial problem.
We know from expert analysis that Hillary used at least six different personal phones over the years. Here she is with phones 1 and 3:

Hillary phones 1&3
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Hillary phones #1, #3
Here's Hillary with phones 2 and 4:
Hillary phones
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Hillary phones #2, #4
And here's Hillary with phones 5 and 6:
Hillary phones 5&6
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Hillary phones #5, #6
Everyone in the intelligence community knows that Hillary was hacked by likely every state intelligence community on earth while she was Obama's Secretary of State and since. This is due to her lack of regard for reasonable use of her activities.

It's no wonder that Rep. Louie Gohmert went off on Peter Strzok when Strzok lied about not remembering whether he was notified of the Chinese hacking 30,000 Hillary's emails

Of course Hillary's emails were hacked - what government or entity didn't have a copy of them!?!