Titania McGrath mug shot
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A martyr to the SJW cause.
In a shocking move today, Twitter has suspended the most prominent social justice activist on its platform, Titania McGrath.

McGrath, an inspirational intersectionalist, has been a constant voice for change that really matters: the kind that can only occur in tweet form.

And Twitter has now silenced that voice for preaching the value of compassion and empathy. Here is the tweet that garnered the suspension:

titania mcgrath twitter suspension sjw
© Titania McGrath/Twitter

Comment: Tatiana has simply copy-pasted the ravings of true SJW lunatics such as the trans rights radicalists. But somehow they get a pass.

McGrath has released a statement via her progressive comrade Jarvis Dupont that states:

The fascists at Twitter have suspended my account for the crime of resisting hate and fighting for social justice. Like Nelson Mandela, I have been silenced for speaking truth to power. I think he was banned from Twitter as well.

They are right to fear me. I am dismantling the patriarchy one tweet at a time. I am obliterating Nazis with my devastating hashtags. I am standing up for minorities who haven't had the necessary education to know what their opinions should be.

Her full statement can be found below:

McGrath is known for dropping inconvenient progressive truth bombs such as: "Men who are attracted to women clearly have feminine tastes and therefore are probably gay," and "I can't help but think that all this criticism of Robert Mugabe is just another attempt to demonise people of colour."

Tweets such as these help us to understand just how frightening and hateful the world we live in is. They are essential in combatting the fascism that is rising up in comedy clubs and churches across the western world.

The hashtag #FreeTitania has been launched on Twitter, and it had better work — because seven days without Titania is a dangerous proposition. In the next seven days, we could all fall back into the barbaric and regressive cultural systems that she is saving us from.