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The budget airline is reportedly suffering major issues with dozens of complaints about passengers being unable to check in online - and then being charged £55. Ryanair check in problems at Rome Ciampino Airport.
Ryanair has reportedly suffered a major systems failure overnight with dozens of complaints of passengers being unable to check in and some planes delayed taking off.

One plane was kept on the tarmac for 90 minutes this morning with passengers being told there had been a 'country-wide systems failure'.

The budget airline confirmed the outage resulted in disruption to airport check-ins and boarding.

It caused disruption at airport check-in desks across Europe.

Graeme Jolly tweeted: "confusion, chaos and absolute carnage right now at the check-in/bag drop desks at Rome Ciampino. 20minutes so far and no closer to desks. Totally unacceptable."

Another passenger quizzed the airline about a flight taking off.

Romana McCallum wrote: "Why is a flight allowed to leave when the boarding system crashes mid-boarding, leaving passengers at the terminal?

"Only 3/4 of our party made it through and the remaining 1/4 are stuck at Stansted. Utterly irresponsible, expensive and huge waste of time: Why?"

Vicky Graham-Stevenson complained to Ryanair on Twitter .

She said: "can you please tell me why my daughter has just been charged £55 to check in at the airport when she hasn't been able to check in online due to the website keep kicking her out every time she tried".

One passenger on a Stansted to Faro flight told Mirror Online: "Basically we've been on the tarmac for 90 minutes and they say it's a country wide system failure.

"I've seen people on twitter saying they're stranded".

A spokesman for Stansted Airport said: "There was a short disruption to some of Ryanair's systems earlier today at Stansted.

"No other airlines have reported problems this morning."

Shortly before 8am another passenger tweeted: "is your online check in down? Its saying our booking cant be found and were trying to check in for our flight home tomorrow..."

At roughly 10.30am a Ryanair spokesman said: "This morning we suffered a system outage which caused some short delays at airport check-in and boarding.

"The system has been restored and flights are operating as normal. We apologise for any inconvenience caused".

Ryanair states on its website that people who do not check-in online will be charged £55 per passenger to do so at the airport counter.