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A Hong Kong protester waves American and Hong Kong flags in front of government headquarters, July 21, 2019. Photo:
A few years ago, very few people understood the concept behind color revolutions.

Had Russia and China's leadership not decided to unite in solidarity in 2012 when they began vetoing the overthrow of Bashar al Assad in Syria - followed by their alliance around the Belt and Road Initiative - then it is doubtful the color revolution concept would be as well-known as it has become today.

At that time, Russia and China realized that they had no choice but to go on the counter-offensive, since the regime change operations and colour revolutions orchestrated by such organizations as the CIA-affiliated National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and Soros Open Society Foundations were ultimately designed to target them. China and Russia have the potential collective power to challenge the power of the Anglo-American elites based largely in the City of London and Wall Street. Relatively small-scale protest movements blew up into rose, orange, green and yellow revolution efforts in Georgia, Ukraine, Iran and Hong Kong because those places were recognized as weak points along the periphery of what threatened to become a great power alliance of sovereign Eurasian states.

Russia's 2015 expulsion of 12 major conduits of color revolution - which included Soros' Open Society Foundation and the NED - was a powerful calling out of the enemy, with the Russian Foreign Ministry describing them as "a threat to the foundations of Russia's Constitutional order and national security." This resulted in fanatical calls by George Soros for a $50 billion fund to counteract Russia's interference in defense of Ukraine's democracy. Apparently the $5 billion spent by the NED in Ukraine was not nearly enough.1
Nuland handing out cookies in Maidan

A powerful American Jew of eastern European descent hands out cookies to anti-Semitic revolutionaries in Maiden Square, Kiev. Where's the logic in that?
In spite of the light falling upon these cockroaches, NED and Open Society operations continued in full force, focusing on the weakest links on the Grand Chessboard, and unleashing what has become known as a "strategy of tension". Venezuela, Kashmir, Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjian (dubbed East Turkistan by the NED) have all been targeted in recent years, with millions of NED dollars pouring into separatist groups, labour unions, student movements and fake news "opinion-shapers" under the guise of 'democracy building'. $1.7 million in grants was spent by NED in Hong Kong since 2017, which was a significant increase from their $400 000 spent to coordinate the failed 'Occupy HK' protest in 2014.
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Hong Kong Oct 1, 2014 Occupy Central Protest
The Case of China

In response to over two months of controlled chaos, the Chinese government has kept a remarkably restrained posture, allowing the Hong Kong authorities to manage the situation with their police deprived of the use of lethal weapons and even giving into the protestors' demand that the changes to the extradition treaty that nominally sparked this mess be annulled. In spite of this patient tone, the rioters - who have caused havoc at airports and public buildings - have created lists of demands that are all but impossible for mainland China to meet, including 1) an "independent committee to investigate the abuses of Chinese authorities", 2) for China to stop referring to rioters as "rioters", 3) for all charges against rioters to be dropped, and 4) universal suffrage - including for candidates promoting independence or rejoining the British Empire.
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Protesters rally against a controversial extradition bill in the arrivals hall of the international airport on July 26, 2019 in Hong Kong.
As violence continues to grow, and as it has become increasingly likely that some form of intervention from the mainland will occur to restore order, the British Foreign Office has taken an aggressive tone, threatening China with "severe consequences" unless "a fully independent investigation" into police brutality takes place. The former colonial Governor of China, Christopher Patten, attacked China by saying: "Since president Xi has been in office, there's been a crackdown on dissent and dissidents everywhere; the party has been in control of everything."

The Chinese Foreign Ministry responded by saying:
"[T]he UK has no sovereign jurisdiction or right of supervision over Hong Kong... it is simply wrong for the British Government to exert pressure. The Chinese side seriously urges the UK to stop its interference in China's internal affairs and to stop making random and inflammatory accusations about Hong Kong."
The British have been able to conduct this manipulation thanks to the vital role played by America's NGO dirty ops. In the US, in true imperial fashion, the political class on both sides of the aisle have attacked China, with Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi making the loudest noises, prompting the House Foreign Affairs Committee to threaten "universal condemnation and swift consequences" if Beijing intervenes. This meddling in China's internal affairs is buttressed by evidence that Julie Eadeh, the head of Political Office at the American Consulate in Hong Kong, has been meeting with leaders of the rioters.
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Julia Eadeh meets with Joshua Wong, opposition leader
While both Britain and America have been caught red-handed orchestrating this colour revolution, it is important to keep in mind who is controlling who.

The Foreign Origins of the NED

Contrary to popular opinion, the British Empire did not go away after WWII, nor did it hand over the 'keys to the kingdom' to America. It didn't even become America's junior partner in a new Anglo-American special relationship. It actually stayed in the driver's seat.

The post-WWII order was largely shaped by a British coup which didn't take over America without a fight. Nests of Oxford-trained Rhodes Scholars, Fabians and other ideologues embedded within the American establishment had a lot of work ahead of them as they struggled to purge all nationalist impulses from the American intelligence community. While the most aggressive purging of patriotic Americans from the intelligence community occurred during the dissolution of the OSS and creation of the CIA in 1947, and the Communist witch-hunt that followed, there were other purges that were less well known.

As an organization which was beginning to take form which was to become known as the Trilateral Commission organized by Britain's "hand in America" called the Council on Foreign Relations and international Bilderberg Group, another purge occurred in 1970 under the direction of James Schlesinger during his six month stint as CIA director. At that time 1000 top CIA officials deemed "unfit" were fired. This was followed nine years later as another 800 were fired under a list drafted by CIA "spymaster" Ted Shackley. Both Schlesinger and Shackley were high level Trilateral Commission members who took part in the group's 1973 formation and fully took power of America during Jimmy Carter's 1977-1981 presidency which unleashed a dystopian reorganization of American foreign and internal policy outlined in my previous report.
james schlesinger kissinger gerald ford
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James R. Schlesinger, right, with Henry A. Kissinger and President Gerald R. Ford in 1974.

Project Democracy Takes Over

By the 1970s, the CIA's dirty hand funding anarchist operations both within America and abroad had become too well known as media coverage of their dirty operations at home and abroad spoiled the patriotic image which the intelligence community then desired. While the internal resistance to fascist behaviour from within the intelligence Community itself was dealt with through purges, the reality was that a new agency had to be created to take over those functions of covert destabilization of foreign governments.

What became Project Democracy herein originated with a Trilateral Commission meeting in May 31, 1975 in Kyoto Japan as a protégé of Trilateral Commission director Zbigniew Brzezinski named Samuel (Clash of Civilizations) Huntington delivered the results of his Task Force on the Governability of Democracies. This project was supervised by Schlesinger and Brzezinski and presented the notion that democracies could not function adequately in the crisis conditions which the Trilateral Commission was preparing to impose onto America and the world through a process dubbed "the Controlled Disintegration of Society".
geopolitics mackinder kissinger huntington brzezinski

The 'Father of Geopolitics" Sir Halford Mackinder (center) surrounded by a few of his disciples on left column from top: Rhodes scholar William Yandell Elliot, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Samuel P. Huntington. Right column from top: Karl Haushofer, Henry Kissinger and MI6’s Bernard Lewis
The Huntington report featured at the Trilateral meeting stated:
"One might consider... means of securing support and resources from foundations, business corporations, labor unions, political parties, civic associations, and, where possible and appropriate, governmental agencies for the creation of an institute for the strengthening of democratic institutions."
It took 4 years for this blueprint to become reality. In 1979 three Trilateral Commission members named William Brock (RNC Chairman), Charles Manatt (DNC Chairman) and George Agree (head of Freedom House) established an organization called the American Political Foundation (APF) which attempted to fulfil the objective laid out by Huntington in 1975.

The APF was used to set up a program using federal funds called the Democracy Program which issued an interim report "The Commitment to Democracy" which said:
"No theme requires more sustained attention in our time than the necessity for strengthening the future chances of democratic societies in a world that remains predominantly unfree or partially fettered by repressive governments. ... There has never been a comprehensive structure for a non-governmental effort through which the resources of America's pluralistic constituencies . .. could be mobilized effectively."
In May 1981, Henry Kissinger who had replaced Brzezinski as head of the Trilateral Commission and had many operatives planted around President Reagan, gave a speech at Britain's Chatham House (the controlling hand behind the Council on Foreign Relations) where he described his work as Secretary of State saying that the British
"became a participant in internal American deliberations, to a degree probably never practiced between sovereign nations... In my White House incarnation then, I kept the British Foreign Office better informed and more closely engaged than I did the American State Department... It was symptomatic".
In his speech, Kissinger outlined the battle between Churchill vs FDR during WWII and made the point that he favored the Churchill worldview for the post war world (And ironically also that of Prince Metternich who ran the Congress of Vienna that snuffed out democratic movements across Europe in 1815).
In June 1982, Reagan's Westminster Palace speech officially inaugurated the NED and by November 1983, the National Endowment for Democracy Act was passed bringing this new covert organization into reality with $31 million of funding under four subsidiary organizations (AFL-CIO Free Trade Union Institute, The US Chamber of Commerce's Center for International Private Enterprise, the International Republican Institute and the International Democratic Institute) (2).

Throughout the 1980s, this organization went to work managing Iran-Contra, destabilizing Soviet states and unleashing the first "official" modern color revolution in the form of the Yellow revolution that ousted Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos. Speaking more candidly than usual, NED President David Ignatius said in 1991 "a lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA".

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the NED was instrumental in bringing former Warsaw Pact nations into NATO/WTO system and the New World Order was announced by Bush Sr. and Kissinger- both of whom were rewarded with knighthoods for their service to the Crown in 1992 and 1995 respectively.

Of course, the vast web of NGOs permeating the geopolitical terrain can only be effective as long as no one says the truth and "names the game". The very act of calling out their nefarious motives renders them impotent and this simple fact has made the recently announced China-Russia arrangement to formulate a proper strategic response to color revolutions so important in the current fight.

  1. Undoubtedly President Trump's gutting of NED funding by two thirds in 2018 only re-enforced Soros' accusations that Putin is the guiding hand in America while pouring millions into anti-Trump regime change operations in America. While neocons such as Bolton, Pompeo and Senate leader Mitch Mcconnell have taken a hardline stance against China in support of the color revolution, it should be noted that Trump has continuously taken an opposite line Tweeting on August 14 that "China is not our problem" and that "the problem is with the FED".
  2. At the beginning of 1984, a similar re-organization had occurred in Canada under the guidance of Privy Council Clerk/Trilateral Commission member Michael Pitfield who created CSIS when the RCMP's "dirty operations" during the FLQ crisis were made known in a series of newspaper reports.
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