goblins tucker carlson
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Goblins (Left) Tucker Carlson (Right)
The 23-year-old council member who spearheaded the removal of gender-specific words from the Berkeley city code has bragged about turning down an appearance on the Tucker Carlson show, labeling him a "white supremacist goblin."

Rigel Robinson, who was a co-sponsor of the ordinance to cross out such commonly used words as "manhole,""manpower" and "craftsmen" from the city's municipal code, and replace them with "maintenance hole," "human effort" and the medieval-sounding "artisans," has dramatically turned down an appearance on the Tucker Carlson Tonight show to discuss the fresh politically correct purge.

Robinson tweeted a screenshot of his email exchange with the show's booker, Chelsea Gilman, who asked him if he would like to go on air to give background on his initiative and speak about how it was received by the locals.

Comment: Robinson's email screenshot tweet is no longer available. Interesting . . . but he's happy to retweet others quoting him.

Rigel Robinson
© Courtesy Rigel Robinson
Rigel Robinson, a shining example of Berkeley political maturity.
Robinson, apparently seeing no use in getting across to people on the other side of the political spectrum, shot down the offer with a barrage of insults at the Fox News host.

"Tucker Carlson is a dangerous, xenophobic, racist, white supremacist goblin who I am not interested in engaging with," he wrote.

The rebuke struck a chord with Robinson's fellow liberals on Twitter, who flooded his comments with memes and high-fives.

A user by the name "People for Ilhan" wrote: "Your described him perfectly."

Senator Scott Wiener (D-California) praised Robinson for his response, calling him "a man after my own heart."

However, some argued that Robinson's presumed heroics is just "running away" from potentially tough questions and instead resorting to cheap personal attacks, the tactic that is often used by the left's chief nemesis, US President Donald Trump himself.

"I know someone else who does that who you don't like; Donald Trump. He's acting like Trump. Food for thought," a tweeter said.

"Language has power," Robinson tweeted earlier as he introduced the changes to the Berkeley municipal code - so maybe he is just hoping that by calling Carlson a "goblin," he'll make him shrivel and turn green.