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Russia's Aerospace Force has received two modern MiG-35 fighter jets and is expected to get four more fighters of this model by the end of this year, said Ilya Tarasenko, general director of the MiG corporation.

"In the last three years, we made a major breakthrough in the MiG-35 program. In the shortest time possible, we launched the production of this aircraft, we tested it, and in two and a half years we moved from development activities to a contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense," said Tarasenko.

According to the director of the corporation, it is planned to deliver another four aircraft by the end of the year.

The company expects to sign another contract with the Ministry of Defense for the MiG-35, Tarasenko added.

The MiG-35 is the newest 4++ generation multipurpose fighter designed to gain air supremacy and land targets outside the enemy's air defense zone. It also received precision targeting capability as well as the optical tracking system that gives you the ability to detect and track enemy aircraft or drones without relying on ground-based radar information.

At just $40 million USD per unit, they come in at less than half the price of the massively dysfunctional F-35.

The flight tests of the fighter took place on January 26, 2017, and the day after the aircraft was presented internationally in the Moscow region.

In the ARMY 2018 forum, the Ministry of Defense and the company signed a contract for the delivery of six of these fighters by 2023, something that will be achieved this year.

Chinese experts have appreciated the characteristics of the new Russian MiG-35 fighter, emphasizing the propulsive force, the fuselage and the modifications applied in the aircraft.

According to the Chinese portal Sina, the Russian MiG-35 fighter is ready to fight in a modern war. Experts have noted that the fuselage design of the MiG-35 has technologies similar to those of fifth-generation fighters.

They also highlighted the engines of the Russian aircraft, as the total thrust of the two engines of the aircraft is 18 tons. As a result, the aircraft can take off quickly, ie the length of the runway to perform Russian take-off has been reduced, giving it advantages in combat missions.

In addition, the Chinese portal points out that the use of the MiG-35B will allow Russian pilots to increase their skills to quickly control the aircraft, and is of fundamental importance during a modern air combat.

Therefore, this flight experience will allow pilots to use all the aircraft's functionalities so that it is not hit by enemy missiles, as well as helping the Russian aircraft's maneuverability and avionics. The aircraft was considered fit to face an electronic warfare, presenting an effective on-board system and stable aerodynamic characteristics.