Former German Chancellor Schröder
© Fort Russ
Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder has said that the reunification of the Crimea with Russia was legal and fully reflected the mood of the population of the peninsula, in comments yesterday June 14th.

Comment: That this isn't a universally recognized fact shows the power of propaganda in shaping people's beliefs:

Speaking to businessmen in Brandenburg as part of the electoral activities of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, Schröder called for recognizing Crimea as Russian and lifting the sanctions imposed on Russia after the reunification of the peninsula with Russia.
"Crimea is an old Russian territory. In Soviet times, it did not matter where the Crimea was assigned geographically. But now this is no longer the case, " the tabloid Bild quotes Schröder.
According to him, a legal justification can be brought under the Crimea's accession to Russia, but this is not about secession, but about "public approval", therefore returning Crimea to Russia cannot be considered an "aggressive act".

Last fall, Gerhard Schröder was negatively reported on and listed by the Ukrainian extremist site "Mirotvorec".

Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian Foreign Minister Klimkin in an interview with tabloid Bild called on the EU to impose sanctions against German Ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schröder for his support for projects in which Russia participates. It should be noted that Klimkin's appeal to impose sanctions against the former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder was rebuked in the German government.

Later Klimkin denied he had pushed for sanctions against Schröder. Recall also that in the fall of 2017, Schröder called the sanctions against Russia illegal.