Messier 90 spiral galaxy
© NASA, ESA, STScI, V. Rubin, D. Maoz and D. Fisher
The Messier 90 spiral galaxy,
The universe is constantly expanding and stretching further afield, but the Hubble space telescope managed to catch one of the rare galaxies that's defying the odds and actually moving closer to us.

A stunning spiral galaxy called Messier 90, sitting about 60 million light-years away, is part of a huge cluster of around 1,200 star systems in the Virgo constellation. While the cluster in general is moving farther away from us, Messier 90 is heading in our direction, according to NASA.

The incredible Hubble image was captured using a special camera on board the space telescope, comprised of four light detectors. Scientists were able to spot that it's coming towards the Milky Way after studying the compressed wavelengths of light from the galaxy.

Messier 90 was first spotted back in 1781 and contains about a trillion stars.