Netherlands’ asylum minister Mark Harbers

Fmr Netherlands’ asylum minister Mark Harbers
The Netherlands' asylum minister Mark Harbers was forced to resign after he hid the number of 'refugees' suspected of serious crimes from a crime report.

Harbers failed to include a category called 'other' in the report on crimes committed by asylum seekers, which included 79 sexual offenses, 51 aggravated assaults, and 31 suspicions of murder and manslaughter.

Harbers' excuse for not reporting the figures was that it would lead to "confusion".

"Last week's report showed 'fake' asylum seekers who come from so-called safe countries, namely Morocco and Algeria, were responsible for almost half the 4,600 incidents requiring police intervention," according to

Other European countries have massaged stats on migrant crime or refused to release details altogether.

In 2016, Swedish police were ordered to stop reporting the ethnicity of suspects over fears of being branded "racist".

The following year, Sweden's "most experienced police investigator," Peter Springare went public with claims that migrants were responsible for most of the crime in Sweden.