Accumulated hailstorm in Pokhara,
© Rishi Ram Baral/THTAccumulated hailstorm in Pokhara, on Monday, April 29, 2019.
A half-hour hailstorm rampage has damaged crops, worth millions of rupees, planted by farmers in Pokhara Metropolitan City, on Monday.

Besides that, the hailstorm destroyed vehicles' windshields during the downpour in the Lake City today.

The hailstones inflicted heavy damage to crops in Kaskikot, Dhikurpokhari, Bhadauri, Sarangkot, Pumdibhumdi, Hemja, Malepatan, Masbar, Pasang, Charepatan, Kristi, Lamachaur, Dhumpus, Dhital, among other places in the district.

According to Manohar Kadariya, Chief of Agriculture Department in Pokhara Metropolitan City, the hailstorm destroyed both seasonal and off-season crops and fruits in the region today.