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A peregrine falcon family, which used to nest at the spire of the main building of Russia's Foreign Ministry, has finally returned home after a year of maintenance works on the roof.

The bird family was discovered by engineers, who were inspecting the roof for repairs work a few years ago. The ministry delayed the start of the repair work in order to wait for the peregrine chicks to grow up. When the works eventually started, the birds resettled to the spire of one of Moscow historic skyscrapers.

Peregrine falcons are very rare in big cities and mostly reside on the tops of high-rise buildings. In Moscow, peregrines nest at the spires of historic skyscrapers known as the Seven Sisters, which were built in the 1950s in so-called Stalinist style (a mix of Russian Baroque and Gothic). They include the main building of the FM and Moscow State University, and are considered an icon of Soviet architecture.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia main building
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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia main building
As the maintenance works finished, ornithologists prepared an artificial nest for the avian friends with the approval of the Foreign Ministry, so they could feel at home once again.

The ornithologists have confirmed that the birds are already back and are expecting offspring. When the laying season is over, experts will visit the birds and put rings on their legs.

Peregrine falcons are known as the fastest members of the animal kingdom. According to a National Geographic TV program, the highest measured speed of a peregrine falcon is 389kph (242mph).