Brandon Post was working outside his home in Montfort when the earth collapsed beneath his feet.

"I just started screaming, 'Somebody help me! Somebody help me!' It was the only thing I could do and hope and pray that eventually someone would hear me," Post said.

The sinkhole is about 3 feet away from his garage. It looks small from the outside, but if you look closer into the hole, you can't even see the bottom.

Post said he fell about 25 feet down before he caught himself against the walls. Shocked and scared, he screamed for help.

He said, "I was yelling and screaming for 20 to 25 minutes. It was just to the point where I was like, 'Do I just give up and just sit here and wait for my girlfriend to come out of the house? Or do I keep screaming?' My voice was so hoarse. I couldn't breathe," he said.

His neighbor eventually heard him.

Post said he saw his neighbor run straight over the hole and into the garage because he thought that's where Post was. He eventually found Post inside the hole and tried to help.

Post directed him to a stepladder inside his garage. When Post tried to lodge the ladder in the walls of the sinkhole, it wouldn't stay in place. After his neighbor called 911, they waited several minutes for them to arrive, but to Post, he said it felt like hours.

When first responders arrived, Post said, "He found a long chain, like a 20-foot-long chain. We wrapped it around my leg and up over my neck and hooked a rope to it, all while I'm trying to stand in there. Stuff was still falling on me and I couldn't move because I was afraid everything would just collapse and I'd go down even further. The only thing I could think of was I was going to be buried alive."

Post made it out and said he's OK, but the experience was terrifying for him. He said, "I won't go out there. I won't set foot off the cement."

Post has caution tape several yards around the perimeter of the hole in hopes of keeping his own kids and neighbors kids as far away from the danger as possible.

With the ground still unstable, he said he hopes the hole can be fixed as soon as possible.

"The only thing I'm worried about is getting it dug up and getting it filled in before something else happens," he said.

Until he can get this fixed, he's just happy he lived to tell the tale.

"It's something I'll never forget about," he said. "I'm thankful to be alive, that's for sure."