food police
Economists say obesity and its consequences cost our society $190 billion annually in health care and lost productivity. So our government overlords and health officials want to find effective strategies to discourage people from over-consuming sugary drinks and junk foods. They hope to accomplish this gargantuan feat through taxation that generates billions of dollars in revenue that will allegedly go toward schemes that will lay the framework for a healthy utopia where everyone is, ultimately, a super-hot vegan. It's all for the kids, ya know. But can anyone, let alone the government, successfully regulate private behavior? Who decides what is healthy? And what if the deciders not only tell us what not to eat but start enforcing what we we have to eat?

Join us for this episode of The Health and Wellness Show where we discuss the slippery slope of food policy and taxation contrasted with the need for policies that actually are for the public good, the foxes guarding the hen-house (otherwise known as the FDA) and the ultimate responsibility that rests with the individual.

Running Time: 00:56:17

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