Chinese Canadian Protest
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Chinese Canadians in Markham Ontario demonstrate against illegal border crossings.
There's a strange confluence happening in Canada that is likely to alter the fate of all citizens across the country and leave an indelible mark upon the psyche of what was once considered a peaceful and friendly nation. A perfect storm is brewing of seemingly unrelated, but loosely connected events, that have transpired to increase tension and foment division between formerly amicable citizens in a profound and significant way.

Uncontrolled illegal mass immigration, along with the spectre of potential Islamic terrorism, combined with the forcible imposition of absurd and counter-productive neo-Marxist, social-justice inspired government policies, has resulted in a very public backlash recently, which has at times taken the form of several highly publicized incidents deemed as racially motivated "hate crimes" by Canada's progressive liberal media.

Contrary to all appearances, this confluence may not be merely an accidental and independent series of events, but is arguably a direct result of a deliberate and conscious plan by those in power to weaken national sovereignty and sow discord, mistrust and hostility between different groups of people. The signs are all there. It's time to put the pieces together...

No ID, No Visa, No Background Check, No Problem

In January of 2017, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ostensibly threw open Canada's borders by tweeting a message to immigrants the world over that his government would gladly welcome in anyone claiming refugee status. The tweet was made in response to US President Donald Trump's executive order at the time, restricting immigration and temporarily limiting travel from 7 Muslim majority countries.

The tweet was generally praised by the mainstream media for being empathic and inclusive, touching on themes of tolerance and diversity, and containing all the proper SJW buzzwords that make those with diminished capacity for rational, nuanced thought feel really good about themselves. In reality however, it was a typically vainglorious and cynical move by the notoriously leftist PM, virtue signalling his moral superiority to the world by setting himself up in opposition to the evil Herr Trump.

Better known for his good looks and groovy socks than his towering intellect, Justin Trudeau appears to lack the foresight to understand the consequences of his actions. In one careless tweet, he not only opened the flood gates to allow hordes of illegal immigrants to claim asylum in Canada, but he himself could reasonably be held responsible for the inevitable public backlash that will follow.

Since Trudeau made that tweet in 2017, Canada's borders have been inundated with tens of thousands of so-called "asylum seekers", crossing over from the US, mostly into Quebec, with recent estimates of hundreds more crossing the border every day. At an estimated cost so far of 270 million taxpayer dollars, there is no end to the migrant crisis in sight, and thanks to Trudeau, illegal border crossers can now expect the RCMP to help carry their luggage for them! Once they land in Canada, they can use their newfound refugee status to become 'anchor relatives' and eventually bring over their entire extended family from overseas.
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The fact of the matter remains that a vast majority (over 90%) of these illegal border crossers (now dubbed "irregular" migrants by the MSM) are not true refugees at all. They consist mostly of Haitians and Nigerians who crossed into Canada from the USA, hardly a war-torn or shit-hole country by modern standards, and many of them came into the US on regular tourist visas and are using Canada's porous border policy to jump the queue ahead of all other legitimate immigrant hopefuls.

This is not only grossly unfair, but could be seen as a slap in the face to those families who have struggled to apply fairly through the system and have invested $thousands and waited years to legally immigrate to Canada. Is it any wonder that a sizeable number of Chinese Canadians recently held a protest in Markham Ontario against the open border policies of Justin Trudeau?

And is anyone surprised that the protestors were met with intolerance, hostility and violence from Antifa, unions and other radical leftists? If anyone has a legitimate grievance against these illegal immigrants, it is law-abiding immigrants who have spent considerable time, effort and money to enter the country through the proper channels.

Some But Not All

On the night of July 22, 2018, an armed man walked along Toronto's busy Danforth Avenue in the Greektown area of the city, randomly shooting pedestrians before opening fire on crowded restaurants, killing two people and wounding thirteen. The gunman's name was Faisal Hussain, a supposedly non-practising Muslim born to Canadian parents of Pakistani origin.
Faisal Hussain
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Toronto Danforth shooter Faisal Hussain.
As with many mass shootings in recent years, there were many anomalies with the story and lingering questions about motive and background that have yet to be answered.

Why did law enforcement agencies wait so long before releasing the shooter's name to the media? Is it a coincidence that they waited just long enough for the family to hire a prominent Muslim activist to write and release a professionally scripted statement that framed the ensuing "mentally ill lone wolf" narrative picked up and touted by the mainstream press?

Why was the shooter, with no firearms experience or any prior weapons training, able to take a professional stance, shoot with precision and accuracy, calmly reload, and begin shooting again?
One officer said in his years on the job, he has never come across a shooter better with a gun than Hussain.

"He was very proficient," said the officer. "I can't imagine he could change magazines on the run, avoid jamming and hit targets as accurately as he did, had he not had some firearms training and experience."

Said another: "I heard the reports of him being mentally ill, and I don't discount that as a possibility. But I will say in my years of dealing with emotionally disturbed people I have never seen anybody operate any kind of weapon as well as he did."
Why did the media immediately dismiss the idea of the attack being motivated by Islamic terrorism, even though ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, and there were reports from law enforcement agencies that Faisal Hussain visited pro-ISIL websites, expressed support for the terrorist group, and may have lived at one time in Afghanistan and Pakistan?

And did Faisal Hussain's older brother, who was well known to police for his prior links to criminal activity - including drugs and guns - supply him with the weapons he used to injure 13 and murder 2 innocent people?

danforth victims
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These and other inconsistencies were virtually ignored by the western press in favour of the "mental illness" narrative, and it is this point which is most disturbing. From the beginning and in a seemingly concerted effort, the government, police, and media framed the story as being about "a paranoid man with peculiar habits" who "dressed inappropriately" and had "severe mental health challenges, struggling with psychosis and depression his entire life."

Is it possible that this specific narrative was chosen then widely promulgated by the PTB, not because it was the truth per se, but because it facilitated and reinforced the dominant liberal narrative that all Muslim immigrants are simply poor harmless victims who only come to Canada in search of a better life? The idea that the shooter may have been radicalized and religiously motivated by hatred of the west cannot even be considered as a possibility in Canada's politically correct culture. Only racists and Islamophobes think like that, apparently.

It is unlikely that we will ever learn Faisal Hussain's true motivations for gunning down all those people, and perhaps it doesn't even matter. The fact that he was both Muslim and from an immigrant family, who consciously perpetrated an act of terror, is all that is needed to equate illegal immigration and terrorism in many people's minds.

Not all Muslims commit terrorist attacks by any stretch of the imagination, but some certainly do. And even if the number is statistically minuscule, any governmental position that allows for uncontrolled illegal immigration without some kind of proper vetting and background checks, is literally inviting this kind of horrible event to happen. Not only is Trudeau definitely letting a certain number terrorists in, he's asking the citizens of the country he's supposed to be leading to accept these kinds of attacks as 'normal' under the banner of tolerance and diversity. No matter how you slice it, it's a really, really bad idea.

The Inevitable Backlash

Canadians as a people are generally known to be fair and open-minded, friendly, easy-going and often willing to lend a hand. That we are sometimes teased for over-saying the word "sorry" and seen as America's "nicer northern cousins" is no accident. Perhaps over time we evolved this way of being as a result of the long, harsh winters where we had to depend on our neighbours and each other to survive.

Good Day Canada
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At the same time, Canadians aren't wholly ignorant to what's going on around the world either. They read newspapers and watch TV, and inform themselves by searching for information on the internet. They see what is happening in Europe, the uncontrolled mass migration of middle eastern and north African refugees, the makeshift tent cities, the riots, burning and vandalism, reports of rapes, and no-go zones.

Combine a general awareness of these types of world events with the short-sighted and empty-headed immigration policies of a far-leftist Prime Minister and one would hardly be surprised if a few Canadian citizens would have a strongly negative reaction watching their country headed in a similar direction.

However, if the liberal media is to be believed, Canada remains a country of narrow-minded rednecks, desperately in need of laws like motion M103 to remind them how prejudiced and unenlightened they are, and is now a literal hotbed of intolerance, racism and Islamophobia. Check out a few of the stories dominating the news cycle these past few weeks, conveniently replacing any further inquiries into the Danforth shooting...
Man charged after race-related confrontation in London grocery store

Toronto man who yelled racist insults at Muslim family now charged with assault, threatening death

'This is not okay': Mississauga woman charged after allegedly trying to tear off hijab

'I would kill your children': Cops look at Walmart incident as possible hate crime

'Hate is alive here': Wife of beaten Mississauga man speaks out after attack
In only 1 of the 5 examples above, was there any physical assault involved resulting in actual injury. The rest consisted mostly of a heated exchange between 2 or more people with some insults, profanity and questionable name-calling. Yet this doesn't stop the media from branding them all as racially motivated "hate crimes", to be punished to the full extent of the law. Not to be outdone, the CBC, Canada's public broadcaster, soon followed these stories with articles like: What to do if you witness racism or a hate crime and How smartphones are helping Canadians confront racism
The videos were recorded at the grocery store, a ferry terminal and a Walmart.

Each one shows a white man shouting, sometimes swearing, at people of colour.

One man was reportedly called an "illegal alien" and pushed when he tried to escape the encounter. A family was berated for daring to ask a question "in my f--king province." Another man was threatened because he didn't "talk like a Canadian."

Each incident is different, but they all have something in common: they were documented in short, sometimes shaky smartphone videos, which have become a powerful tool for people to expose hate and validate their experiences with racism.
No one in their right mind would condone these types of incidents. They're unfortunate, regrettable and largely unnecessary. All kinds of people have angry confrontations like this every day for all kinds of reasons, many times saying things or acting out in the heat of the moment. There's no real excuse not to be civil with each other, but the insinuation of ingrained widespread racism among the Canadian populace is patently absurd and is certainly not as big a problem as our socially progressive leaders would have us believe.

It is no coincidence that the media inflates and deliberately focuses on those confrontations which seem to be related to culture, race or religion. It fits their SJW-inspired narrative and makes for good copy. Of course, no one appreciates being shouted at and called names for any reason either, but remember, we are all adults here, sticks and stones and all that. When considering the situations listed above in context, a more appropriate question to ask might be, would you rather be insulted and offended by a few imaginary words or be shot and killed by a real bullet?

You Can't Legislate Tolerance

People are tribal by nature. They tend to hang out in groups of people who look like them, speak like them, and act in ways that are familiar and understandable to them. That there exists a certain amount of trepidation and initial mistrust of others from different cultures is quite normal and understandable from an evolutionary and sociological perspective. And when a relatively stable culture finds itself inundated with a large number of foreigners over a very short time, one might expect a certain amount of resistance and the occasional acting out of such.

That being said, even today, you could easily take any 2 random Canadian citizens, belonging to any culture, race, or religion, and lock them in a room together for a couple hours, and 99 times out of a 100, they'll end up getting along just fine, you'd probably open the door to find them drinking beer and watching a hockey game. That is the reality that pretty much every old-stock Canadian knows in their heart to be true, but flies in the face of the radical, post-modern, victim-centered, neo-Marxist agenda being foisted upon the populace against their will by Justin Trudeau and his globalist handlers.

weeping PM
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Snake in Suit weeps Crocodile Tears
And this is where the situation gets really strange, because at first glance things like terrorism, illegal immigration, and racism can be seen as issues that are independent of each other and perhaps only loosely connected in places where they overlap, but when you factor in the relentless push for social justice-inspired government policies like equity and diversity, which are essentially Communist in nature, it seems as if the powers inside the Prime Minister's office are consciously and deliberately acting against the interests of the people who elected them.

It's almost as if someone with significant political clout wants a public backlash and is eager to incite a 'clash of civilizations'. They are not only attempting to use "hate crime" laws to force everyone to willingly accept the influx of undocumented illegal immigrants under the threat of punishment, they are also using the media to manipulate public opinion so that anyone who voices even the slightest opposition to these policies will be branded a bigot, Nazi, white supremacist or Islamophobe.

By forcing this twisted reprehensible progressive agenda on an unwilling Canadian populace, Trudeau has tapped into and openly provoked what might be called the shadow side of the Canadian psyche. A side that often finds expression when the gloves come off, so to speak. A dark, ugly, aggressive, and sometimes vicious side, whose natural (but usually rectifiable) mistrust of all things foreign and different lies buried.

Because of the ideologically motivated and destructive legacy of Justin Trudeau, this shadow has now begun to emerge in the form of a backlash against minorities. This is what happens when a normally kind, easygoing and friendly people are pushed to their limits, forced to accept things they know to be dangerous, having no outlet for reasonable protest and, in their minds, confronted by the potential irrevocable loss of the only way of life they have ever known.

The lion's share of responsibility for this crisis lies directly at the feet of the part-time drama teacher, and stuttering buffoon of a Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who may actually believe he's on the right side of history. Racism, intolerance, mistrust, discord and violence are exactly what the real powers behind Trudeau's government hope to achieve, despite their feel-good rhetoric to the contrary. And from all accounts, it looks like everything is going according to plan.