Aptamil baby formula
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The new formula (right) has started making babies unwell

Babies have suffered diarrhoea and vomiting just weeks after the new formula hit shelves

Furious parents have slammed baby formula makers Aptamil after dozens babies became unwell after allegedly consuming one of their products.

The company's Facebook page has been flooded with complaints just weeks after the manufacturer changed the recipe of their First Infant milk powder.

Aptamil revealed the change to its formula in a leaflet inside the old packs - with the new packs hitting shelves days later.

Babies have reportedly suffered vomiting and diarrhoea after drinking the new formula, with some mums claiming the powder doesn't dissolve properly.

Others have shared images showing the milk curdling in bottles, with allegation that concerned parents have been fobbed off with conflicting reasons when they contact Danone, the company that makes Aptamil.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, concerned mum Sarah Foster said her eight-week-old son Tobi had been fine on the old milk since birth, but became ill after trying the new tub.

She said: "He was sick straight away when feeding him the first feed of it. As soon as it hit his tummy it was back up. It was then I noticed it didn't mix the same.

"I've since stockpiled the old formula but it will only last a week or two. We have no choice but to use the new one as everywhere has sold out or no longer stocks the old one."

The 35-year-old added that the company has given various generic responses to a number of concerned parents, at times blaming them for mixing the formula wrong before backtracking on their words.

Bel Garner, a mum-of-three, says she was offended by the suggestion that the blame lay with mums making feeds incorrectly, adding that she was advised to use water that had been cooled for half an hour.

Susan Johnston, whose daughter was being "very sick, refusing feeds" and suffering with diarrhoea, posted a photo on the company's Facebook page of one bottle made up with the old formula and one with the new to highlight the stark difference between the two.

She said: "The pictures I took were of Aptamil old and new formula. Why is there such a difference between the two when they were both made at same time in the same way?"

Danone has been urged by concerned parents to take the hundreds of complaints seriously.

Speaking to the Sun, Aptamil spokesperson Helen Messenger said: "We are very concerned to hear reports of babies being unsettled or unwell and we will investigate every complaint as a matter of urgency.

"In the meantime, we would like to reassure parents that the quality and safety of our products is our number one priority.

"We have recently introduced new Aptamil formulations and we recognise that some families have not found the transition to the new formula easy.

"We have undertaken extensive quality and safety checks, including clinical trials, product testing and product experience tests on these products.

"The results have shown that babies take to this formula well and that it is safe.

"So we are very sorry about the poor experiences that some parents have had.

"We are taking all feedback very seriously and we invite any parent with concerns to please contact us for free on 0800 996 1000, pressing option 0 followed by option 1.

"We are available on the phone 24/7 and are ready to help in any way we can.

"We would always recommend that any parent with concerns about their baby's health contact a healthcare professional."