china river blood red July 2018
A river has been filmed flowing blood-red much to the shock of residents.

Footage taken of the Xiangbi River in Yibin city in China's south-western Sichuan province shows the river turned a bright red.

The video was filmed on June 28, with residents complaining to local officials about the pollutant appearing in the stream, which was confirmed not to be a source of potable water.

The man filming claims the pollution is "very widespread".

On July 1, Cuiping district environment bureau officials confirmed that the pollutant came from the Heshun Packing Company plant further upstream.

An investigation revealed that workers there had accidentally spilt large quantities of enamel paint into the river during a cleaning operation.

The river's bizarre colour has been blamed on a paint spill.
© australscope
The river's bizarre colour has been blamed on a paint spill.
Officials said the river, which the man filming notes eventually flows into the Yangtze, was cleaned and returned to its original state after experts "intercepted" the pollutant and removed it.

A spokesperson also noted that the enamel paint posed no threat to the local population or wildlife in the area.

The Heshun Packaging Company is now being investigated and could face a fine for causing the red-river hazard.