Kitzsteinhorn ski resort in Austria on 25th June
With the now obvious changes in our climate signaling "Global Cooling" we see the Wall Street Journal question James Hansen's predictions and the AGW narrative, even calling out predictions that did not pan out. The media is now dripping in words to articles like, Grand Solar Minimum, Global Cooling and Shifting Cloud Patterns to give themselves some credibility as the climate cools.

When meteorologists in Canada call all time record snow "White Rain" because they don't feel snow belongs in summertime lexicon of weather forecasting, we have a huge shift happening in the media arenas. Record snow in Italy, Canada, Slovakia, Ukraine, Poland, Slovenia all this week, people are starting to ask questions about the media we are being fed. Arctic ice at 13 year highs, Greenland Ice Budget growing, Antarctic Sea Ice growing, people are really starting to wake up. This will be the last year of "Global Warming" on our planet.