Kaspersky lab
© Sputnik/ Kirill Kallinikov
Russian cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab has registered a large number of cyberattacks using Buhtrap malware that have targeted the websites of major Russian media outlets, the company said Friday.

"Kaspersky Lab has been registering massive attempts to infect the users entering some Russian media websites with Buhtrap banking trojan. As of now there have been hundreds of attempts registered. The attacks target mainly Russia, single attempts have been registered in Ukraine and Kazakhstan," the statement read.

According to the experts, the malware provides hackers with full access to the infected system. Their ultimate goal is to steal money from the accounts of the companies, which is why the main targets were the computers of people working in financial departments.

In order to avoid such an attack, the Kaspersky Lab has advised that special attention be paid to the security of financial departments, for the latest upgrades to be installed and for utilities with remote access be turned off whenever possible.