Some 10,000 residents of the Syrian town of Kafr Batna, located in East Ghouta near Damascus, took to the streets Monday to demand that militants vacate the area and let people reach the nearby humanitarian corridor - even reportedly braving bullets to do so.

"Today the largest rally against the militants ever took place in Kafr Batna," Syrian human rights activist Ammar Jamal told reporters. "Up to 10,000 people went to the streets demanding the militants to leave their settlement."

Witness reports on social media hold that militants opened fire on the demonstrators, reportedly killing one and injuring nine.

According to Jamal, the citizens marching shouted slogans in support of the Syrian Arab Army and the government and demanded that the militants besieging their town either leave entirely or provide passage to the humanitarian corridor for noncombatants.

Such rallies have become a common sight in Eastern Ghouta in the last two weeks. Citizens from numerous settlements have raised Syrian flags in plazas and demanded that militants leave Ghouta and allow access to the humanitarian corridors.

The militants in Eastern Ghouta fire mortars at Damascus every day from nearby settlements, including Kafr Batna.