natalia poklonskaya
The Duma Deputy and former prosecutor general of the Crimea, Natalia Poklonskaya, has given journalists an interview in relation to her new book, and in her view, the way that Russia defends traditional values.

- Natalia Vladimirovna, they say that there is a bill in the works, prohibiting surrogate motherhood. Is this true?

- The bill was submitted for consideration by a member of the Federation Council. Yes, it is proposed to prohibit surrogate motherhood. To consult with constituents, I launched a poll in my social networks. I asked people to express their opinion. But all of a sudden - everything became skewed in the press. They said: "Poklonskaya wants to prohibit surrogate motherhood." No, Poklonskaya wants to know people's opinion, and by the way, people in general support the ban on surrogate motherhood.

Russia is a country that defends traditional values ​​and morality. In Europe, children have a "parent one" and "parent two" as opposed to a mother and father. Gender equality. Where is the spirituality of the family? In Russia, we don't have this - in Ukraine, we don't have this.

We have a Mom and Dad. And this must be protected. These are our traditions, our values. Therefore, people voted against surrogacy. There are medical conditions when parents cannot have children, so they turn to surrogacy - but that's a different matter. Overall, the public wants to defend their moral and traditional values.

Source: KP