Russian Embassy Slams 'Unfounded Accusations' of Alleged Interference in Brexit
© CC BY 3.0 / Kbthompson / Russian Embassy Residence
Russian Embassy Slams 'Unfounded Accusations' of Alleged Interference in Brexit
The UK prime minister has accused Moscow of alleged meddling in other states' affairs but later said that her accusations were not related to Britain.

Comment: It's probably no wonder Theresa May retracted her fallacious accusation since it has been shown that only 400 out of over 22 million tweets sent about the Brexit vote could be traced back to Russia, and many were tweeted after the vote had been declared: Researcher finds 'infinitesimal' 400 tweets from Russia which UK government claimed 'influenced' entire country's vote on Brexit

"Unfortunately, the British press almost always refers to unpublished documents and other closed sources. Since the latest of them, concerning Russian-British relations, are making false accusations against us, we asked relevant universities - Edinburgh and Swansea in the UK and Berkeley in the US - to send us the source materials," the Russian Embassy's in the UK spokesperson has stated.

According to the Russian embassy, "in view of the anti-Russia campaign that emerged after the speech of UK Prime Minister Theresa May," it has a lot of questions to such documents.

Comment: The hysteria was stoked in the US and has now infected delusional UK politicians:

"We absolutely do not accept unfounded accusations, which, by the way, lead to a loss of confidence in London also on the part of foreign partners."

In a major foreign policy speech at the Lord Mayor's Banquet at Mansion House in London late on Monday, May accused Russia of meddling in other states' affairs, spreading "fake stories" in media, aggressive policies "to sow discord in the West," claims slammed by Moscow as "irresponsible" and "groundless." However, a day later, May said that her accusations were not related to the UK.

Comment: PM Theresa May is just one in a long line of politicians who are so shameless that they will say anything to further the establishment agenda:

Later on, the embassy reached out to Swansea University regarding its research on Russia's alleged attempts to meddle in Brexit referendum.

"We received a request from the Russian embassy on the research that's been cited and in response we've sent the embassy a copy of the findings, which we're happy to do as they are in the public domain," Swansea university spokesperson said.

Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, said that "hysteria is being fueled up in order to divert the attention of their voters away from the inability to solve these domestic issues."

Previously, Lavrov has called the allegations of Russia's interference in EU affairs that had arisen in several European states, including Britain, France and Germany, amid the probe into the alleged Russian meddling in the US presidential election "ridiculous."