Elizabeth Perkins James Woods
Actress Elizabeth Perkins hoisted a cryptic sign featuring the name of actor James Woods high above her head at a sexual misconduct protest in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The sign included Woods' name and the hashtag #MeToo, which has been used on social media to encourage people to come forward with their stories of sexual harassment or assault.

It's unclear what motivated Perkins to call out Woods. A rep for the actress did not respond to a request for comment, nor did a rep for Woods.

The rally took place on Hollywood Boulevard, where people walked in support of victims as part of the #MeToo Survivors March and the Take Back the Workplace March.

Perkins, 56, wore a shirt reading "Take Back the Workplace" at the event.

Actress Amber Tamblyn came forward in September to accuse Woods of attempting to make a move on her and her friend at a restaurant when Tamblyn was only 16.

Tamblyn claimed in a Twitter post about their alleged encounter that when Woods found out she was just 16, he replied "even better."

Woods later asserted in a tweet of his own that Tamblyn's story is a lie.