'Werewolf' in Scotland
© YouTube/Caters Clips
For those of us who keep up with news of the strange and unexplained, it's clear that something is roaming the United Kingdom. Reports of big cats are nothing new to the northern U.K., having been reported for decades. In recent months, however, sightings of massive feline beasts have been pouring in, including reports of mutilated and/or completely devoured sheep and abnormally high numbers of missing house cats.

What could be roaming Scotland and northern England? If some strange news out of Scotland is confirmed, these unexplained events might be a very unexpected explanation.

Hotel night manager Paul Naylor was conducting his nightly rounds of his Outer Hebrides hotel on August 31st when an eerie noise stopped him in his tracks. Naylor immediately did what any of us would do and pulled out his phone to record the haunting sound:

Naylor and many others believe the sound to be coming from wolves. Wild wolves haven't been present in the United Kingdom for hundreds of years, having been hunted into oblivion by first the Norman kings and later the British royalty. Local wildlife experts assert that the howling is too monotone to be made by wolves. Nevertheless, Naylor told The Sun that despite the naysayers, he stands by his belief that the howling came from wolves:

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