Barack Obama
Since early 2016, federal authorities including DHS and FBI have been providing intelligence to local police departments about what they saw as a looming domestic terror threat, Antifa. According to confidential documents provided to Politico, Antifa was formally classified as a terror organization in April 2016.

The law enforcement reports show that authorities believed that "anarchist extremists" who were well-funded, well-resourced and educated on tactics, perhaps from overseas anarchist groups, were at the root of a new domestic threat.

As the Trump campaign began to sweep across the nation, the Antifa anarchists groups instigated violence at Trump rallies, and other right-wing events. California was the primary base for the early organizers of the terror group. Instances of violence began cropping up in areas from Orange County to the San Francisco Bay Area.

The question for many is, given the various reports by federal authorities, why was the Obama administration and DOJ not taking action against Antifa?

A Group of Antifa Terrorists in Berkeley, CA

A Group of Antifa Terrorists in Berkeley, CA.
The primary sources of funding for the group remain unknown to the public, however many speculate that these groups are bankrolled by left-wing donors such as George Soros.

What federal authorities' reports show is that Antifa groups are well-resourced.

The reports specifically mention that Antifa utilizes hand-held radios, pre-planned carpool plans, counter-surveillance of law enforcement and other measures that suggest professional consulting from those with law-enforcement and/or military backgrounds.

While establishment Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi have disavowed Antifa, for the tactics that they use, they have not condemned the ideology. As the Democrat Party accelerates further and further to the left, traditional democrats remain afraid to disavow far-left anarchism, communism and fascism.