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I'm not particularly old, but I'm old enough to remember the days when being a member of the political left meant standing against Bush and his Neocon/Neoliberal agenda, resisting the totalitarian Patriot Act, and not wanting to go to war with Iraq for oil on trumped up claims of WMDs and 'al-qaeda' in Iraq.

But to be politically 'left' today is, unfortunately, to admit to being a person who has completely lost perspective and is rapidly losing any sense of sanity or common sense. Today, gay rights and gender-neutral bathrooms and even the rights of pedophiles are the 'humanitarian' causes of the left, rather than protesting the wanton barbarism of US foreign policy that has killed at least 4.5 million people over the last 15 years.

While the rot in leftist politics has been ongoing for quite some time, it appears to have really set in under the Obama administrations. Over the course of those 8 years, under the nominally 'democrat' White House and Congress, left wingers laughed when Obama made jokes about drone-bombing his daughters' potential boyfriends, even as Obama was drone-bombing children in other countries. Whatever good there might have been in the mainstream political left ideology in the USA has been replaced by a movement full of people content to be fooled into serving a clearly psychopathic agenda.

Five years ago, if you had told me that I would use the word 'libtard' to characterize the political left, I probably would have laughed in your face and never talked to you again. And yet here I am today in this new bizarro reality. Yes, it's not the nicest word and obviously shouldn't be used to describe everyone with leftist ideals, but at this point it is an accurate description of those that are leading leftist political thought and action. If their hysterical obsession with forced 'equality' continues to be leveraged by the psychos in power to fuel social discord in the USA, allowing the deep state to continue with its warmongering against Russia, China, Syria, Iran, Venezuela and North Korea - this match made in hell between the deep state and the libtards may get us all killed.

The events in Charlottesville hit home for me personally for a few reasons. I lived there, in the town, for a couple of years, and also lived in the area for most of my adult life. The corner where the car ran over the people was right next to basically the only place I ever hung out in town - the tea shop. I saw the statue of Robert E. Lee frequently. I know the area well and still have a cousin who lives there now, who also works very close to where the car ran over people. Even more disturbing to me, however, was that in video footage of the protests, I recognized one of the far-left activists as a person I knew from the time I spent there. Talk about reality shifts!

After listening to a recent SOTT Radio broadcast on postmodernism I began to realize just how much I had been sucked in by this widespread and pernicious anti-human ideology. It has taken quite a long time to begin to break out of that influence because it tends to pervade many subtle areas of one's thinking. The Charlottesville events had a strong impact on me because I could see that if I hadn't already begun to reconsider my beliefs, I could very well have been at that event, antifa banner in hand.

The media response to and twisting of events at Charlottesville has been deliberately used to not only divide the American people along otherwise stable fracture lines, but to directly attack Donald Trump. The people who are being successfully incited to hate Donald Trump and see him as the source of all of America's problems are on the political 'left'. That these people can be so easily manipulated is not surprising given that they have shown themselves to have a penchant for black and white thinking and a studious refusal (or inability) to understand the complexities of a situation or recognize their own biases and narcissism.

Among the major facts that these would-be utopian reality creators miss is that Trump is an old, rich, white dude with a family and a young kid. While Trump may have had some idea of what he would be up against in seeking the presidency and attempting to run the country, I seriously doubt that he realized just what he was getting himself into and the extent of opposition he would encounter to his agenda of 'making America great again for the American people. His main game plan for achieving this was through directly attacking Washington insider cronyism and corruption by scaling back reckless government spending, i.e. sending massive amounts of taxpayers dollars to private corporations for little return, creating jobs in the USA at the expense of corporations that would rather off-shore their operations, and reining in egregious corporate price gouging at home.

Obviously, the corporate fat cats and their Congressional buddies were not inclined to allow him to do this, and thanks to their counter-attack on him, the public (or those with the brain power to See the reality of the situation) has had an unprecedented insight into just how much control the military-industrial-intelligence complex wields in the USA, and the fact that this 'shadow government' is fully prepared to wage and all-out propaganda war against a sitting president that refuses to toe their line.

In this 'war' against the deep state, Trump has paid a heavy price in terms of his reputation and future prospects as a private citizen. While most US presidents enjoy a significant wealth and status increase as a result of their stint in the White House, this is unlikely to be the case for the Donald. So why does he continue? Why not just resign and go back to gold-plated bathroom fixtures and building golf courses and malls? A reasonable answer to this question is that, unlike his predecessors, Trump's campaign promises were not mere rhetoric, he actually intended, and still intends, to try to do his best for the American people by stopping the leftist 'rot' - both on Capitol hill and in the public discourse - that threatens to destroy the last vestiges of American democracy and a reasonably ordered society.

The world we're living in is complex and changing rapidly, so I think we have to work to keep up, to stay mentally nimble to adapt to this changing world and be open to changing our thinking as new information comes in. I know I personally have had to change my thinking a lot during my relatively short life, and I expect that I'll have to continue to do so as turmoil increases and even bigger and more chaotic changes loom ahead.

In preparation for this upcoming turmoil, calibrating our 'reading instruments' (what we see, which is based on what we believe) and extricating ourselves from the pathological influences that have corrupted our thinking are the most important things to do at this time, both for ourselves and for our families. In doing so, you may find yourself at a point in the future where you see something, as I did with the events in Charlottesville, and understand it as a 'splitting of realities', an opportunity to think critically, read the signs and respond accordingly based on the longer term future of our global society.

To do otherwise, to go only with what 'feels good' or with your beloved 'ideology', means you may find yourself and your loved ones caught in the middle of the next 'Charlottesville', which will likely be on a much bigger and more destructive scale. At that point, by all historical precedents, you'll be on the wrong side of history, with no time or opportunity to change course.