Alexei Navalny
Alexei Navalny is a Western-media darling, raised in the halls of Yale University. In Russia, he appeals to the "youtube generation" as they are called, or kids under 20. While many of them cannot vote, and thus increase Navalny's standing, it does not stop him from calling on this pre-Putin youth, who did not know of life in the 1990s, and sending them into unsanctioned opposition protests, against the police force.

Navalny famously stands against "Putin's corruption" and often appears on channels such as the BBC and CNN, blaming Putin for oligarchs' wealth, discrediting the Syria effort as "distraction from internal problems", and generally following US State Department cue cards. Navalny himself owns million dollar properties in Europe, all thanks to the US taxpayer, unbeknownst to them.

Western media portrays Navalny as Putin's biggest threat today - however Mr. Navalny enjoys only 1-2% popular support according to polls. This is the guy to watch for major disruption leading up to the 2018 Presidential election in Russia. Ironically, his incompetency in the public sphere only plays in favour of Putin's party.

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