Alexey Navalny
Alexey Navalny's campaign offices across Russia have called on the citizens to attend unsanctioned protests against Russia's Government. Peaceful protests, in Russia, require a permit from the cities' authorities to be able to account for any disruption. If no permit has been obtained, then the civil action is illegal.

Irrespective of this, over the past couple of days - protesters have gathered in Moscow, Ekaterinbug, Novosibirsk and other regional centers.

Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree...

Navalny has obtained special training as part of his Yale University education, equipped to organise and carry out such operations with guaranteed funding. The civil unrest taking place throughout the country contains all the classic criteria of an "orange", "velvet', or "colour" revolution, which have been continually instigated by US intelligence services.

It is clear that not one "maidan" has ever resolved the problems that its respective country had - not in Yugoslavia, not in Tunisia, nor Ukraine. A 'maidan' achieves a government coup, the imposition of US-funded puppet leaders, genocide of the local population, and an overall throw back to the Middle Ages.

Alexey Navalny and his team are agents of US influence and intelligence service collaborators.

Maurice Raymond Greenberg
Maurice Greenberg
Maurice Raymond Greenberg offers a Yale University fellowship program, and is a well known person in certain circles. A short summary:
  • From 1968 to 2005, Greenberg was the CEO to the insurance giant, American International Group Inc (AIG);
  • Director, Federal Reserve Bank of New York;
  • Founder, The Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies;
  • In 1996, took part in a think tank initiative dedicated to reforming US intelligence «Making Intelligence Smarter»;
  • Applied for the Director position of the Central Intelligence Agency;
  • Frequent attendee at the Bilderberg club;
  • Member of the Council of Foreign Relations, heading the Commission on U.S. Policy toward Russia;
In 2005, Mr Greenberg was forced to leave his position at AIG as a result of an investigation by the New York City prosecutor's office, which had revealed accounting fraud. The CFR came to Greenberg's defence, as well as Mr Henry Kissinger himself. Greenberg was able to avoid a jail term while AIG paid $1.64 billion in fines. Another AIG executive, Christian Milton, was convicted to 4 years in prison for the siphoning of $500 million dollars - a very light sentence by all measures of US jurisdiction.

The investigation similarly revealed various offshore schemes, which were used for the siphoning of money overseas. Greenberg's lawyer was able to access the AIG office on the Bermuda Islands and destroyed 80 boxes of documents.

These are the 'businessmen' who have the audacity to teach international politics and relations with Russia, funding Russia's "fighters against corruption."

Change Russia
"Change Russia - start with Moscow. Navalny."
The tragedy of the upcoming protests is that many of the attendees are youths which have been thoroughly 'worked' on the internet and in Navalny's campaign offices on the ground. The younger generations have little to no experience in the way that young people can be systematically used as pawns in clashes with "authoritarian government" police force.

color rev
On the left is Kiev 2014, and on the right is Minsk 2017. Propaganda photos such as these appear in most Western publications - while the perpetrators don't even bother to change up the templates.

Dear supporters
"Navalny's team: Dear supporters of the anti-corruption march, on 26th March! Don't miss your chance to appear in the all-Russian "video-mob" - film yourself at the demonstration, clapping your hands into the camera, and send us the file (5-10 seconds) by email"
"Twitter revolution" tactics are most evident.

We've seen this somewhere before...

Similarly, on the left-hand side below, Navalny's group has published the official logo for the recent and upcoming demonstrations, its association social media hashtag and motto. Is there a resemblance of the image to the logos on the right?

revolution logo
You would be correct if you thought it looked familiar. In the right hand column are logos of opposition parties been, that were charged with instigating colour revolutions in their respective countries - the fist by now, is a classic footprint of the CIA. In clockwise order are Yugoslavia, Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, Russia x 2, Egypt, Iran, Belarus, and others.

In 1999, the "Otpor" student movement was used to prop up the anti-Presidential campaign in Serbia, which removed President Slobodan Milosevic from power.

victim propaganda
One such activist was a certain Marko Ivkovic. In 2011, he came to Ekaterinburg, Russia to open up a faction of his surveillance organisation "Voice", which was headed by Leonid Volkov - Navalny's right hand man. In 2012, the FSB forbid Ivkovic entry into the Russian Federation.

Navalny's Progress Party team
Navalny's Progress Party team, featuring Leonid Volkov(