chen dynasty ice age
The latest Adapt 2030 video suggests something longer than a mini or little ice age. The creator of Adapt 2030, David DyByne, firmly believes this will not be a 400-year cooling event, but rather, that a 1,500- to 2,000-year cooling event is about to strike our planet.

DyByne bases his conclusion on the correlation of the sharp increases in volcanism that accompany Grand Solar Minimums. For example, a massive eruption of El Chichon in southern Mexico around 540 A.D. dumped 8-foot-deep layers of ash around Central America. The eruption brought on the 100-year Maya Dark Age and was responsible for temperature drops across the northern hemisphere when global temperatures dropped 2C.

El Chichon was just one of a chain of eruptions between 536 AD and 545 AD that caused widespread climate change, says DuByne. It had devastating effects on crop production across Europe as agricultural production declined significantly. The Rabaul volcano in New Guinea erupted at about the same time, and again, it was just part of a series of eruptions.

chen dynasty ice age
The Chen Dynasty in China was wiped out by the same event. In fact, Chinese dynasty collapses correlate remarkably well with Grand Solar Minimums.

"You can calculate and predict these Grand Solar Minimums," says DuByne. "We are entering one now."

"Expect more volcanism."

Thanks to Steven Rowlandson and Mickey Russell for this video